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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your site only available in English?

Unfortunately we don't have ther resources to publish all in English, German, French and Italian. We are based in Zurich, so will be launching the German version next but unfortunately we await a bigger team till we can support it!

Where is your shop?

Unfortunately we don't have one! We would absolutely love to have a shop based near us in Zürich-West and only future success will determine if the dream can come true.

However if you are interested in a hands-on browse of the product, please contact us for the possibility of a private appointment at the Cityscape Fashion showroom. Subject to availability.

What size should I buy?

At Cityscape we care that the garment fits first time. Of course we all come in different shapes and sizes and that is the same for our clothes to, even if they are marked the same size as fabrics, shapes and supplier may change style to style. Therefore we have taken the care and time to measure one of every style in every size to give you an idea plus notes on the fit. Please note that measurements are an approximation and variances may occur. Measurements are taken of the garment laying flat, they are not indicative of what the wearers body measurements should be and often the stretch of the fabric is not considered either.
As many designers are international, Cityscape has relabeled sizes according to the Swiss womenswear guidelines.
These are
INTERNATIONAL     XS     S     M     L
UK                                6       8    10    12   
Switzerland               34    36   38    40
If you have any extra questions about a garment and it's fit please don't hesitate to e-mail us to ask. And of course, if the garment does not fit, you have 14 days to return the item for a refund.